Experience the evolution of technology

Developments in science and technology have given rise to many thousands of Philips products. The exhibition of Philips Historical Products has succeeded in illustrating the development of the product categories with a unique selection of appliances, many of which are still in working order. They give visitors a good impression of Philips’s historical heritage from its beginnings in 1891.

Besides the Philips Museum in central Eindhoven, our exhibition of Philips Historical Products remains open for visitors.

Philips Historical Products is temporarely closed

Because we as the Foundation for the Preservation of Historical (Philips) Products are a public place, we have taken the following measure in connection with the coronavirus.  
With us, the safety and health of visitors and volunteers are paramount. In line with the national policy  to work/stay at home as much as possible, we have decided to close our Exhibition until further notice.   
We are keeping a close eye on the RIVM’s guidelines on coronavirus and will reopen the doors as soon as the green light is issued by the RIVM.   
We ask for your understanding of this.

Visit the Philips Museum? Follow this Link for opening hours.



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  Temporarely closed